Unlock MetroPCS USA iPhone

Unlock MetroPCS USA iPhone

Unlock your Unlock MetroPCS USA iPhone Phone for use on any network worldwide. Permanent factory Phone unlocking service, safe and reliable process, guaranteed to quickly unlock your Phone from the Unlock MetroPCS USA iPhonenetwork.

Unlock MetroPCS USA iPhone

How To Unlock Metro PCS iPhone

MetroPCS is among the few subsidiaries that have an automated unlocking process. Below are guides which you can use to unlock MetroPCS.

- Have an active data connection whether 3G/4G/LTE or Wi-Fi

- From your application list, press Device Unlock (NB: Application is likely to be in MetroPCS folder.)

- Press Continue

- Press the Permanent Unlock type:

- If it goes well, restart the phone to ensure the setting is implemented. If you do not restart the phone, the settings won’t apply. However, once the phone is restarted, the setting will apply.

This is the process for MetroPCS android phones; however, it is something entirely different from the iPhone. To unlock iPhone, you need to contact MetroPCS customer service or visit their nearby store to request code to unlock your phone. If MetroPCS confirm your phone eligibility, the following details will be required:

- Your SIM card phone number on the iPhone

- Account name

- PIN on the account billing

However, if you are military personnel, you are exempted from this process of MetroPCS. To get your phone unlocked, follow these steps:

- Go to the corporate store with your deployment papers.

- You will be provided with options to unlock your phone. In some situations, one of the options is limited unlocking requests, which tend to lock the phone upon getting home.

- After request, we will  send you a confirmation email which contains the code to unlock your phone.

Use a third-party service.

MetroPCS has provided lots of options to unlock MetroPCS phones. Nevertheless, it can be very stressful. As stressful as it can be, you can also use a third-party service to unlock your phone. The use of third-party service is faster than any other means as you can get your phone unlocked without stress, and there will be no red tape from your phone. However, it comes with a minimal fee of $50 in carrying out such an operation.

However, a reputable company is needed if you want an effective service carried out for you. The reason is that many who have tried to hire a third-party service do not get the assistance they require and do not get money return. The use of a third-party from a reputable company involves buying a code, which is then sent to the email you provide along with instructions for you to follow. Once the instruction is followed, the iPhone will be unlocked. 

As far as phone carrier is concerned, MetroPCS is among the few that do not have a complicated process for unlocking your phone if it gets locked. Once you meet the requirements to unlock your phone, MetroPCS automated process allows you to unlock your phone with ease. However, if the condition cannot be completed and you’re denied, the use of a third-party can unlock your phone if you’re ready to pay the price.

How to unlock your phone in three simple steps with our unlocking service without losing your warranty

Hi there, here's a quick and easy guide on how you can completely and legally remove the network lock from your phone in only three simple steps:


Input the details of your device

Choose the phone model and the current network the Phone is currently locked to and input the IMEI or Serial number.

IMEI stands for (International Mobile Equipment Identity) and is a 15-digit code that identifies each specific mobile phone. When your cellphone is stolen, for example, you can use the IMEI code to remotely lock your phone so that the thief cannot use it. The same code is used by telephone companies to bind it to their SIM. (Dial *#06# to get your IMEI code)


Processing your unlock

Once your payment is confirmed and your order has been processed, we examine the device and immediately make appropriate changes on your order if we find that some of the information you had provided was incorrect.

At this point, you would have access to the live tracking login which comes together with the confirmation email; hence, you can see the status of your order any time.


Device unlocked

You have a phone that has been unlocked cleanly, completely and without any law or warranty issues.

Using 3G/4G/WIFI, your unlock would be delivered over the air and you will get confirmation through your email.


Quickest SIM unlock on the Internet (see our price list for full details).

your unlock

Login below to view your Phone unlock progress at any point of the process.

Live tracking

24 hour unlock delivery

Instant unlocking for many mobile networks.

Highly Skilled Tech Team

Experienced in all AppleTM Phone

Your Phone is Safe

You keep your device throughout the entire process.

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